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Digital Distribution Network

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DDNet solutions Kyte Dashboard

The Kyte Dashboard is an analytics and media content management solution that provides valuable insight into user involvement, distribution, production and advertising, allowing significant upload and video moderation.

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DDNet solutions Airbites Portal

The features and components of the Portal are designed to ensure that the client can easily interact with other Airbites users generate content, change impressions about the latest news, using a simple and intuitive web interface.

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DDNet solutions Airbites Intranet

The Airbites private network was first implemented with the main purpose of sharing company information and computing resources among employees.

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Solutions for:

DDNet solutions Server administration and management

Starting from optimized installations of operating systems to creating redundant systems for Internet access, the DDNet team offers you a centralized management solution with the highest standards.

During the last few years DDNet developed a series of inovative solutions in direct connection to the highest standards for data security and access control on web servers, mail servers and database servers.

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DDNet solutions Dedicated automated hosting for datacenters

DDNet Datacenter is a complete solution for dedicated hosting. The easy-to-use web interface is backed up by an engine capable of automatically install the servers. The DDNet Datacenter brings you the advantage of quality and speed, keeping the administrative costs at a minimum level.

Having a large experience in hosting, the DDNet team came up with a 100% automatized solution, scalable and with redundancy, a solution which is perfect for any ISP who intends to offer dedicated hosting services.

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DDNet solutions Call centers and call monitoring

The DDNet solution for call monitoring appeared out of a company's need to develop more call centers and to verify the employees efficiency.

Our solution allows the collection of all the calls made by the VoIP equipments installed within the company in a transparent manner and without affecting the infrastructure. Beside the software components which store and extract all the VoIP calls we created a web interface which allows the access to all the calls and the control of the software configuration parameters.

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