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Digital Distribution Network

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DDNet solutions DDSEC - DDNET Security Consulting project

“Our vision is to become one of the world leaders in security testing and network security assessments offering our clients the most innovative and efficient solutions on the market.“

DDSEC is offering a full set of monitoring & security assessment products to protect your business from any type of information/computer based attacks. We provide comprehensive security solutions that safeguard your company’s infrastructure.

DDSEC solutions include:
  • Server Monitoring and Service availability
  • Web Applications Security scanning
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security audits

Find out what we can do for your business here: http://www.ddsec.net/what-we-do
Dedicated project website: http://www.ddsec.net

DDNet solutions DDNET TV - IPTV Solution research and implementation

“DDNet TV was designed to work with any type of data networks”

DDNet TV is an IPTV solution that brings a new meaning to the concept of media entertainment. By incorporating the best concepts in both information transport and user interactivity, we have created a state of the art IPTV system.

Conventional IPTV solutions are designed to work on managed internal networks. With any conventional system out there, there is a huge network upgrade cost involved. DDNet TV was designed to work with any type of data networks, with no additional hardware requirements. This translates into close to zero cost of additional hardware, as well as virtually unlimited number of clients, from the provider’s data network, interconnected networks or even from the Internet itself.

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DDNet solutions GAMEON - Gaming solutions

“The complete gaming portal”

DDNet Gaming Solution is developed towards a complete gaming portal as we want to address the youth community. They desire both access to the latest games and to the news and game related reviews. Having the necessary experience in this field, the DDNet team designed a scalable infrastructure for game servers which offer to all players’ access to a variety of dedicated gaming servers.

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