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IPTV Solution


“DDNet TV was designed to work with any type of data networks”

DDNet TV is an IPTV solution that brings a new meaning to the concept of media entertainment. By incorporating the best concepts in both information transport and user interactivity, we have created a state of the art IPTV system.

Conventional IPTV solutions are designed to work on managed internal networks. With any conventional system out there, there is a huge network upgrade cost involved. DDNet TV was designed to work with any type of data networks, with no additional hardware requirements. This translates into close to zero cost of additional hardware, as well as virtually unlimited number of clients, from the provider’s data network, interconnected networks or even from the Internet itself.

Scalability is the key concept of our solution. From a marketing point of view, this translates into a high-quality system with a high level of user interactivity and very attractive features that will most likely make DDNet TV the most successful IPTV solution on the market.

“With DDNet TV, all you need is an Internet connection”

By combining the latest concepts in data transport and the most performing encoders, we have managed to create an IPTV service that is no longer limited to the provider’s internal network. As broadband Internet connections are becoming available in more and more locations, we took this opportunity as the means to define the next evolution of IPTV.

With DDNet TV, all you need is an Internet connection. You can be on the other side of the world and you can still access your favorite TV stations. The impact of this concept will be huge. Imagine that every Internet user is a potential IPTV client.

“DDNet TV can support virtually unlimited upload streams”

Another important aspect of our solution is its modularity. With three main components, the signal reception, the transport and the display, we adapt the system to the provider’s needs. This presents a huge advantage with multi national companies that wish to provide content from all regions to all of its customers.

With our current implementation, a provider could chose to upload several TV stations from every country, thus presenting the client with a wide variety of channels. Again, thanks to its modular and scalable design, DDNet TV can support virtually unlimited upload streams.

DDNet TV also brings a new meaning to the concept of access control. With our solution we can have exact statistics about the number of clients that are watching a certain TV station at any given time, we can monitor how the commercials have been received by the clients.

“Every client can choose what kind of commercials are interesting”

By having access to this statistics, the provider can sign important commercial contracts with many key companies that wish to advertise to a specific group of individuals. No more conventional commercials, now every client can choose what kind of commercials are interesting from his point of view.

User feedback is always very important. With DDNet TV users are encouraged to generate content based on their entertainment experience. We have designed easy-to-use interfaces that will allow our clients to comment upon the latest episode of their favorite show, give ratings and so on, directly from their computer or TV.

The system is so independent and customizable that we can even allow our customers to choose their own favorite TV shows and create a new TV station that will incorporate only his choice of entertainment. Again, at DDNet we stress user interactivity. By allowing our clients to create and then promote their own TV programme, we can create a community around our services, marketing directly to the users, through the system itself.