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Digital Distribution Network

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Server and network administration

   With a 10 years experience in server and network administration for various Internet providers in USA, Europe and Asia, DDNet designed a wide range of utilities to ease the administration, the monitoring and the control over servers and equipments specific to an Internet Service Provider.

   Starting from optimized installations of operating systems to creating redundant systems for Internet access, the DDNet team offers you a centralized management solution with the highest standards.

Revolutionary IPTelevision

   DDNet TV is an IPTV solution that brings a new meaning to the concept of media entertainment. By incorporating the best concepts in both information transport and user interactivity, we have created a state of the art IPTV system.

   Our solution is designed to work with any type of data networks, with no additional hardware requirements. This translates into close to zero cost of additional hardware, as well as virtually unlimited number of clients, from the provider's data network.

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DDSEC - Security Consulting

   Our Security Consultancy branch, DDSEC, is your one stop shop that offers a full set of monitoring and security assessment products that protect your business from any type of information based attacks.

   In addition to our tiered automated products, we provide in depth Penetration Testing consultancy, a premium service designed to analyze a company’s computer systems for any vulnerabilities and offer mitigation solutions for most of the identified attack vectors.

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Web development

   Over the last decade, a major component to a businesses success has been represented by the Image that the company promotes. Good branding and clever marketing can turn an average solution to a real success.

   Our team of professionals can give you precious advises on selecting, creating and marketing your new brand image, together with a professional web design scheme, that will best fit your business style.

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