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About DDNET Solutions

With young and dynamic people among our team, DDNet offers you the comfort of deploying the newest solutions out there, with the full support of our consultants.
We always choose the right partners for our business. We understand that our business partnersí success is precisely translated as our own success.
We enjoy starting new and challanging projects with our business partners, and so far all the work has led to long term collaborations and a great experience for the whole team.
Our web development team deals with designing web applications in such a way that customers need to invest minimum effort and resources while enjoying a flawless product in the end. We are always keeping a keen eye about user-experience.
Rich Internet Applications
Flex development has given a new dimension to our web products. With the Adobe Flex / AIR technology we empower our solutions, enabling rich animations, strong integration with database back-ends, efficient and relevant analytics modules within dashboards, productive intranet systems and much more.
Bulletproof technical solutions
With a 10 years experience in server and equipment administration for various Internet providers in Europe, USA and Asia, the DDNet team designed a wide range of utilities to ease the administration, the monitoring and the control over servers and equipments specific to an Internet provider.

Why DDNet?

DDNet provides professional services and creates unique projects for each client. Our vision is to become one of the world leaders in innovative software development.